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Geotechnical Engineering

ECA partners with Cesare, Inc. to provide geotechnical analysis and designs to accommodate your project needs. Geotechnical Engineering is the application of geology, mechanics, hydraulics and strength of materials in solving problems related to earth materials. This blend of technical disciplines is essential in predicting the behavior of a soil or rock mass in response to nature or man-made changes in loading, surface water or pore fluid conditions.

Civil Engineering

ECA specializes in design and development throughout the western United States. Whether it is a project in the most rural areas of the country or a site in the city center, we have a staff of engineers that have the know-how and qualified experience to take your project from planning to completion.


ECA partners with Steil Surveying Services and specializes in many areas of surveying and mapping. At the forefront of technology, ECA utilizes state of the art surveying equipment including electronic total stations, robotic total stations, data collectors, automatic levels, high precision digital levels, Ground Penetrating Radar and Global Positioning Satellite systems.